private immersion into the self

YOUTHFULL BEING™ is a private  bespoke mentorship created by Debra. 28 years of knowledge and experience have been packed into one transformational, educational and empowering week; residing in your home for this week, Debra will facilitate, guide and support your personal journey into health, wellbeing and renewed vitality, as you leap into the heart of your authentic and genuine SELF; Here you are beauty, grace, manifest, spontaneity, strength and health. In this space you will find renewed hope and clarity as mind, body and spirit come together in perfect synthesis. Here you will know your true eternal nature whose essence is pure potentiality; pure LOVE.

As you learn to navigate with feelings you will gain a powerful insight into your heart’s deepest recesses, providing a spring board for huge growth, and a totally new perspective and outlook on life. In the silence of meditation and contemplation, you will hear your life’s calling. Intrinsically interwoven, both physical and emotional aspects of your world share experiences, each having an influence on one another, be it positive or negative; Learning to LOVE  yourself will provide the catalyst necessary to NOURISH your body with the most life sustaining and holistic nutrition; and vice versa! This is the ultimate expression of SELF LOVE.

As you learn to love your SELF, creating a healthy body image, losing weight healthily and maintaining your ideal body weight become a part of who you are. You will see that beauty is as much about internal feeling and physiology, as it is external…

Long before you came into human existence, your primordial, eternal energy WAS. As you re-MEMBER all facets of yourself, healing the separation of Body and Spirit, your dreams can become reality. Reclaiming the life you need, deserve and desire, will be in YOUR hands. You will learn that longevity, happiness and vitality are all choices which you can choose to cultivate with a healthy lifestyle and shift in thinking.

I KNOW that you are beautiful, perfect, magnificent, abundance, LOVE and eternal. I know you have the potential to create the life you were meant to live. I know your birthright is optimal health and wellness on every level. I know that the place in which your true essence dwells, holds no limits, no boundaries; The only limitation is what YOU believe; I know that what you believe can change… I understand this change may be hard; painful memories, negative habits, low self esteem, self limiting beliefs may have been holding you back for many years. I know this because I was once in that place… I will be there however to support your journey and transition, as you learn new skills, holistic nutrition and life tools to navigate your way to a healthier lifestyle and a revolutionary new you.

xoxo Debs

Accepting 3 clients per quarter

After your decision to invest in optimal health and wellbeing, our first communication will be a 60 minute telephone conversation, where we will get to know each other and run through a questionnaire discussing your goals, desires and other personal information. My aim here is to find out as much as possible about you and ease any anxieties you may have. We will define our relationship; Our exchange will be an honest, shared commitment. 

The second phone conversation of 60 minutes will be scheduled for a week before your immersion and entails a coaching session.



  • 7 hours immersion per day, for one week.
  • Personal nutrition plan and education. Food as medicine.
  • Healthy recipes to inspire. Cleansing.
  • Personal responsibility, empowerment.
  • Cultivating healthy body image, self esteem and relationship with food.
  • Movement alchemy ~ pilates ~ yoga.
  • Deep relaxation and meditation (your personal mantra included).
  • Healthy beauty rituals and rejuvenation techniques.
  • Ayurvedic lifestyle principles.
  • Essential oils to heal, balance and restore.
  • Transforming outdated emotional triggers into healthy patterns through guided imagery, visualisation and affirmations.
  • Chakra balancing and healing.
  • A gift bag filled with Primordial Belle organic skincare. Personal essential oil blends for relaxation, calming and energising. Your personal Journal for writing assignments.

Included 5x 60 minute Skype conversations.
Additional coaching, £75 per hour thereafter.

Included in the mentorship are 3 follow up 60 minute Skype conversations at weekly intervals….

Price on Application.

Travel and accommodation paid by client.

YOUTHFULL BEING™ Cancellation Policy

Please note there are no refunds. You may postpone your week to a later date, transfer, or gift to a friend. Any change of dates MUST be done at least one month prior to the start date of your week, otherwise a penalty of 25% of the course price will be charged, in addition to the overall cost of the course. Incase of transfer to a friend, where the same date is booked, only any administration costs will be incurred. No exceptions. Thank you for your understanding.

Interested? Get in touch for more information.